Waiver, Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction and Purpose:
    I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily chosen to participate in the rowing program, activities, or events offered by Maverick Rowing (“Provider”) based on the following Waiver, Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”).
  2. Risk and Indemnification:
    I understand that rowing involves inherent risks of injury, including but not limited to concussions, fractures, cardiac arrest, overexertion, and equipment failure. I agree to (i) release, waive, and discharge, (ii) not sue or bring legal action, (iii) assume all such known and unknown risks, and (iv) hold harmless the Provider, its owners, partners, directors, officers, employees, agents, and affiliates (“Provider Parties”) from any and all liability, claims, damages, demands, or losses arising from or related to my participation in the rowing program, activities, or events unless due to the gross negligence or willful misconduct of Provider Parties. I further agree to indemnify and reimburse the Provider Parties for any costs, expenses, or damages that it may incur as a result of my negligence, recklessness, or misconduct. This indemnification obligation includes, but is not limited to, any medical expenses, legal fees, or other costs that the Provider Parties may incur as a result of any injury or damage that I may cause to myself or others while participating in the rowing program, activities, or events.
  3. Compliance and Termination:
    I agree to follow all rules, instructions, and safety precautions given by the Provider and its staff. I understand that the Provider reserves the right to refuse or terminate my participation in the rowing program, activities, or events if I fail to comply with this Agreement or if I pose a danger to myself or others.
  4. Health and Fitness:
    I declare that I am physically fit and have no medical condition that would prevent me from safely participating in the rowing program, activities, or events. I authorize the Provider to provide, seek or arrange for any necessary medical treatment in the event of injury or illness, and assume responsibility for any medical expenses that may be incurred during my participation in the rowing program, activities, or events. I understand that the Provider will make reasonable efforts to contact the emergency contact provided, if unable to do so, the Provider is authorized to act in my best interest.
  5. Image Release:
    I grant the Provider the right to use, reproduce, and distribute any photographs, videos, or recordings of me or my likeness taken during the rowing program, activities, or events for any lawful purpose, without compensation or prior notice.
  6. Terms and Conditions:
    Rowing program, activities, or events are valid for the agreed-upon duration, and booking cancellations are subject to 24-hour advance notice. Members agree to pay the applicable costs for membership as outlined by the Provider in the membership plan along with any applicable processing fees. Memberships may be renewed upon expiration, canceled at any time or refunded on a discretionary basis. All participants must meet age requirements, and provide emergency contact information prior to participation.
  7. Facility Rental:
    Facility rental access to the rowing tank, rowing ergs, bike ergs, and other training equipment may be granted with staff supervision in compliance with the Agreement terms. Coaches, athletes, and Parent/Guardian of minor athletes must each sign this Agreement prior to arrival to participate in any training during facility rental.

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